May 1, 2017 Twin Lakes Gun Club Board meeting



                   Twin Lakes Gun Club

                      P.O. Box 199

                   Mountain Home, AR 72653




May 1, 2017


Meeting held at VFW Post 3246, 214 W. 7th Street, Mountain Home, AR 72653


Called to order 7:00 PM

Absent: None


1.    President: Call for new members

2.    Secretary: Read meeting minutes from March 2017. Approved by show of hands.

3.    Treasurer: Reviewed financials. Approved by show of hands.

4.    Report of Officers:

a.     V.P. Responsible Armed Women shoot will May 16 at 10am.

b.     VP: AR Enhanced Concealed Permit: State Police developing overall curriculum

                                                             i.      Uniform throughout the state

                                                          ii.      Local courses will not be eligible

                                                       iii.      Any AR CCL instructor will be able to teach the course

c.     President: MHPD does not provide funding to local SRT team

d.     V.P.: Motion made to provide up to $2K for local SRT team

                                                             i.      We have contributions from individuals, aprx $1500

                                                          ii.      Club will get write-up in Baxter Bulletin

                                                       iii.      General questions and discussion by club members

                                                        iv.      Motion approved by show of hands.

e.     Pistol: USPSA this Saturday

                                                             i.      Self Defense 3rd Saturday on month…will be using steel targets

f.      BP: Rain has washed out all events

g.     Rifle: Rain has washed out all events

                                                             i.      We are stenciling all the bases

                                                          ii.      Putting PVC pipe in for drainage

h.     CA: Shoot on Saturday, register at 9am

i.       CI: Precision Pistol on Tuesdays at 4pm

j.       Secretary: membership brief

                                                             i.      540 renewals

                                                          ii.      34 new members

                                                       iii.      Total 574 members

                                                        iv.      13 in pipeline waiting for orientation

k.     Trap: First ATP shoot on 9 April, had 23 shooters

                                                             i.      Next shoot is this Sunday (5/7/17).

l.       SC: NSCA shoot on 13th of May

m.  Skeet: 7,500 targets last month, $1003 to Treasurer

5.    President: Property across from club (The Hawkins house)

a.     It’s in the clubs best interest to buy the property

b.     BOD want to put $10K down and finance the balance on a loan at 2% borrowed against the Equipment Fund

c.     Would have balloon payment at the end of the year.

                                                             i.      Need to reduce balance by 15% in order to renew note for another year

d.     General questions and discussion among club members

                                                             i.      Is it better to purchase in total using funds in Equipment Account vs. finance balance?

e.     Motion made to commit $10K plus closing for one year borrowed against equipment account

                                                             i.      Motion seconded

                                                          ii.      Approved by show of hands with two dissenting votes

6.    Club Member Tim Curtis: Fifth annual Paralyzed Veterans fishing trip

a.     Went over schedule

b.     Requesting funding

c.     Hat passed around to contribute

7.    50/50 drawing.


Adjourned 7:30 P.M.