Twin Lakes Gun Club

P.O. Box 199

Mountain Home, AR 72653




June 5, 2017


Meeting held at VFW Post 3246, 214 W. 7th Street, Mountain Home, AR 72653


Called to order 7:00 PM

Absent: VP, Pistol and Cowboy Action


1.      President: Call for new members

2.      Secretary: Read meeting minutes from March 2017. Approved by show of hands.

3.      Treasurer: Reviewed financials. Approved by show of hands.

4.      Report of Officers:

a.       BP: Match this Sunday at 1300

b.      C.I.: Precision Pistol on Tuesday

                                                               i.      Pres. Advised pool table in clubhouse is for the use of all members

c.       C.A.: Had ten shooters last Saturday

                                                               i.      Shoots are first Saturday of every month

d.      Keith catcher, MHHS Shooting Coach

                                                               i.      Wanted to thank the gun club for their support

                                                             ii.      Eight senior and five junior teams went to regionals

                                                           iii.      Sent senior and junior team to state

                                                           iv.      Senior team finished in top 10 in state

e.       Sec: Advised members when handing applications make sure you have the new applications. New ones have $75 as dues.

f.        Trap: League over

g.       Skeet: Shot 8000 targets and turned over $500 to treasurer

                                                               i.      League shoot is over

h.      SC: Shot 6600 targets in May and turned over $1400 to treasurer

i.         Pres.: Club gave Disabled Fishing trip $479 (Collection made last meeting)

                                                               i.      Club is in process of purchasing ballistic protection for MHPDs SRT team.

                                                             ii.      Have raised $2000 in donations and cub will be responsible for $1600

1.      SC stated Classic Chevy club raised $159

                                                           iii.      Club has purchased Harkin property located across from club

1.      We are exploring having the structure moved or disassembled or moved.

2.      Items in the house, appliances, pool table, etc., may be sold.

3.      Club has 25-year-old John Deer tractor for sale. Runs fine but cannot cut grass.

5.      Question from membership: Will there be a fall gun show?

a.       Pres. Advised fall gun show is scheduled for 31 Oct/1 Nov.

b.      We will also be at the fair.

6.      C.A.: Advised two members of club lost everything in recent flooding. They are OK.

7.      50/50 drawing.


Adjourned 7:20 P.M.