Twin Lakes Gun Club

P.O. Box 199

Mountain Home, AR 72653




August 7, 2017


Meeting held at VFW Post 3246, 214 W. 7th Street, Mountain Home, AR 72653


Called to order 7:00 PM


1.      President: Call for new members

2.      Secretary: Read meeting minutes from March 2017. Approved by show of hands.

a.       .

3.      Treasurer: Reviewed financials. Approved by show of hands.

4.      Report of Officers:

a.       VP: Responsible Armed Women shoot on Wednesday, August 9th, at 10 am.

                                                               i.      Shoot in September will be on September 12.

b.      Pistol: Steel match on August 19th.

c.       Trap: Trap and Skeet will be switching Monday and Tuesday for weekly shoots. Trap also shoots late Tuesday afternoon.

d.      Rifle: Caught up on all rain-delayed matches.

                                                               i.      In the fall we will have a meat/braught shoot

                                                             ii.      Thinking of having a hunter rifle match

e.       SC: Super sporting course is set up.

f.        President: Closed on the Harkin house. We will have it torn down.

g.       Skeet: Slow last month due to heat.

                                                               i.      Shot 500 Targets/$750 to treasury

                                                             ii.      Discussed hazards in tearing home down.

                                                           iii.      Motion made by floor to approve $5K for demolishing home

1.      Seconded, approved by show of hands.

h.      Thank you from floor for supporting Paralyzed American Veterans fishing trip.

5.      50/50 drawing.


Adjourned 7:30 P.M.


CC: President

Treasurer, File