We are upgrading the facilities at the TLGC sporting range to include further options for shooting.  As of now we have 10 stations and
 5 stand. Once we have more traps in working order l will increase the options for stations to 12 or 14 and introduce a Super sport.  
This will give shooters many different options so far as what the targets they choose to shoot and how many targets for your daily
 attendance.  Currently our costs are the lowest you will find, at $20 for 100 targets, or if you like  20c each


We are continuing to improve and upgrade the Sporting Clays course.  On June 19th,  Davy Wotton, Sporting Clays Chairman and Paul Bobby, took delivery of 4 new MEC traps.  We  now have 10 fully operational stations with 2 traps each.


We have a core group of members who are devoting time and energy to make sure we are operating efficiently.  Tom Kopecky, is wiring new release mechanisms.  David Jones has mowed the entire acreage and Doug and Susan Danielson sprayed the entire course to try to control the tick population.  Marti Henderson painted the interior of the clubhouse while each week her husband Ralph, Ken Pruessner, Doug and David insure batteries are charged and targets are loaded.


We shoot the course every Saturday at 10:30 and Sunday at 12:30 and have added several new shooting members recently.