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    TLGC offers several different pistol shooting programs for the serious competitor down to the casual target shooter looking to sharpen his aim and skills.  We have four pistol bays of which two are generally used by everyone on an everyday basis and another two bays that are mainly used just on match days.  Bay 1 is an open 25 yard deep x 15 yard wide bay with a double steel plate rack and four stationary steel targets.  The plate rack has two rows of plates, an upper row of 8" round plates and a bottom row of 5" square plates.  The four static steel targets are 1/3 scale USPSA style targets.  Bay 2 is setup for bullseye style shooting with a 12 position firing line, 25 and 50 yard target stands.   Both Bay1 & 2 have a covered firing line with ceiling fans.  Bay 3 and 4 are open bays used mainly for action pistol matches.


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