The White River Gang had a great monthly shoot today and enjoyed some great weather.  We had 12 shooters and several interested visitors.  We shot five stages.

Doc Higgins wrote the scenarios and they all revolved around famous events in the history of our country becoming independent and free.  They were all interesting, fun and challenging.  Doc Higgins and Bullwhip ran the shoot and did a great job.

Congratulations to Bullwhip for being the top shooter.  Congrats to Ozark Annie, Lakeview Drifter, Doc Higgins and Ozark Captain for shooting clean.  A copy of the scores is attached.

A special welcome to Bayou Bob.  Glad you could join us and hope you shoot with us often.

And a special thanks to Carol for keeping score.  Your help is really appreciated.  Welcome to our newest Cowboy Shooter and youngest member, Pancho Villa Higgins.  Thanks for all your help corralling brass today.

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