Border Line

The Second annual
Missouri-Arkansas Border Wars
is in the books!!!!  

MISSOURI WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check the Border Wars section of this web site for scores and pictures!!!


The White River Gang is the Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) arm of the Twin Lakes Gun Club, Mountain Home, Arkansas.  

Cowboy Action Shooting provides members the opportunity to dress in cowboy garb, choose an alias, develop a persona, shoot period guns and enjoy competition and camaraderie with other club members.  The entire family can take part.

The White River Gang is sanctioned by the governing organization, the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).

For more information on what Cowboy Action is, how it works and how much fun you can have, just click the link above:  All About Cowboy Action Shooting.

For more information on our Club, please choose from one of the links above.

Visit and join our Facebook Group page - White River Gang.